Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Anyone going to the SuperBowl? Want to be close to the SuperBowl? Want to be part of the action?...Rent this house for the weekend and be right. Okay, so this month I am completely using this BLOG for advertisement for my listing.. but really I have 10 days to rent this house. Don't you want to rent it? Truly, lets think about this for a minute, why would you NOT want to be minutes away from JERRY's WORLD during the SUPERBOWL. It does not matter who is playing, even though GREENBAY is going to win, what matters is that YOU want to be CLOSE and you want a NICE place to stay during the weekend. YOU want to be play XBOX 360 with KINECT, Wii, PLAYSTATION 2 all weekend and drink and party and not worry about anything except how you are going to return the chair you stole from the stadium during the outrage after you realized that the STEELERS lost. Okay, seriously, I understand why would you pay to trash someone else's house during the largest party of the year, and during the something that happens minutes from you once in a lifetime....well...because even if you dont have tickets.. this is where EVERYONE is going to be. PLAYING pool all night and watching late night movies on the 55in TV's.--WHO cares, because it is SUPERBOWL weekend.
See this AMAZING house and opportunity below.

Video of the HOUSE you are going to stay IN during the SUPERBOWL.