Thursday, August 27, 2009


I know that one time or another your computer has crashed. We have all been there, what do we do? How do you recover? How do you start all over again? Well there are many many differents ways to prevent crashes.. well ok lets be honest.. anyone who says they can prevent them do not know what they are talking about! There are ways to back up information and never miss a beat. Of course if you are computer savy and have your own backup hard drive which automatically backs up everything then you are ok; but if you are like most of the population you have nothing. Granted most of us might have a external harddrive, but in reality we use it for a paper weight or a photo storage vs actually using it for the intended purpose! So I have this 500 gig external harddrive, but how do I move programs and all my information to it? How often do I update it? If I move everything over to it, how do I prevent from duplicating the information again and again everytime I move things to it again? By now you are lost and frustrated and tired of dealing with it. So your computer crashes and you say, "Well, I was going to back it up" or my favorite, "I have this external harddrive, but I never figured out how to back my computer up" well now there is a solution....
Online backups! Call me and I will give you companies who do everything for you automatically for a very reasonable fee. Be the first one to call and I will cover the cost for the first year

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Post :
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