Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where are People Moving...Where can People afford to Live

Now that the census is complete, statistics are coming out. With the national average of home prices dropping, where can people get a solid job and afford to live? Many things are considered when these statistics are put together, but the one thing that is most accurate are the actual numbers. Numbers of people moving in to a particular state and numbers of people actually moving out of a state. (Or in this economy being forced out). Out of the top 10 states that have an increase in population, Texas is number 9; ranking in with a 55.4% increase in population during the year 2009. The census even shows that Texas actually brought in the largest influx of people. In terms of the total number of inbound and outbound moves, Texas ranked second only to CA.

Okay, so Texas is a large state, so you would expect large numbers, but Wyoming ranked 3rd in the highest percentage of increased population! Lets be honest, Wyoming? Whats there? Job? Big cities? I will let you think about that. constantly puts Texas in the top ten places to acquire a job; so with the housing market staying stable, at least in TX, and job market being one of the best in the US, why wouldn't you want to be one of the numbers? Move to Texas now so we can be number one!